Saturday, June 24, 2006

Tidbits from the Weekend..

The Day: Wednesday 21-June-2006
The Time: 9 pm
The Place: Applebees (Gulf Road)
The Setting: Watching the soccer game (Holland vs. Argentina)

"If I don't find anyone in 5 months...i'm turning gay!"

"Evian Sucks!" "Good, I tought it well"

"hehehehhe....wait till I swallow"

"Kuyt maftooooo7! (مفتووووح)"

"I'm a trisexual...male, female and alien"

"That guy is giving me a weird look" "Does he smoke reds?"

"I'm drinking!...actually I don't remember"

"Don't stop it...feel the flow"

"He can't aim to get the right spot!"

"Find the spot an KICK IT!"


"Nooooo....I mean in Happy!"

"Don't cry for me Argentina..."

"I was sacrificed by aliens to save mankind"

"You would sacrifice yourself for the aliens, but you will not sacrifice yourself for your friends??? Tfffuuuu 3alaik!"

"I have a new name for myself...Jameel Abu Warde (جميل أبو وردة)"

Monday, June 19, 2006

Question of The Day...

Here is a question I pose for you all...

If an eskimo is on the Titanic and sees the iceberg approaching...
will he panic??

Thanks Edo Rex :)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Some Great Print Ads...

As most of you know, Advertising is my life (hobby, career, etc..), so I just wanted to share some of my favorite print ads. Hope you enjoy :)

more to come...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

"VOTE FOR ME".....Craaaaash!!!!!

In the light of the current parliament elections in Kuwait...there is one thing that is bothering me, and it's not a political issue. The publicity banners, signs and flyers are getting terms of quantity and size that is. Many canditates are opting for HUGE, MEGA, BIG signs and banners that can be hazardous for drivers! For example...the same candidate will have the same exact sign/banner repeated all in a row just on one street, and then continues into another street...all within a couple of feet of one another. Then another candidate will have their banners placed in the empty slots between the other candidate's causing the street pavement to be bombared...not to mention the size of the banners. This blocks road signs, road names and numbers, traffic lights....sometimes blocking speeding cameras (which is not bad really...heheheh).

But the main concern I have is when the signs fall down on the streets and causes cars to crash into them (trust me...I witnessed an accident infront of me). These huge banners are mounted on huge metal frames and some are held down with nothing but sand bags!..I mean come on...SAND BAGS???? Especially the ones that are placed on round-abouts (ahem ahem...Jabriya). When you enter the round-about and then you turn around, you dont even notice that one of the MEGA banners have fallen on the ground due to strong winds...and is sticking out/protruding onto the street. Once you suddenly see it, you have to immediately swerve to avoid running into it, and hopefully avoiding hitting the car next to you. It happened to me in the Jabriya roundabout, but thank god there was no car on the lane next to me when I swerved to the right.

So what can be done? Nothing I suppose. Just take my advice and be careful when you drive down a busy street filled with election banners. Nowadays, you don'r have to be on 4th or 5th street to be stuck in traffic. Now you get stuck in your own friendly neighborhood inner nice (sarcastically).

Anyways, good luck to all the candidates for the new Parliament elections :)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Day of Purple :)

I said this on her blog, and I say it again (loud and proud):

Happy Birthday to my favorite girl, my best friend, my partner in crime, my sister...

Enjoy this day...You deserve the best :)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Back in the day...

A couple of days ago, I received an e-mail from a friend from college in the U.S. (Miami, Florida), who shall be referred as "K". She is very close friend of mine, who just sent a friendly hello to check up on how I was doing. Nothing funny about the e-mail, but receiveing this e-mail brought back alot of memories and funny incidents that occurred with her....That's when I bursted out laughing and the people at work thought I went mad, since it seemed I laughed for no apparent reason.

Incident #1:
I was at home watching TV (in the US) when I get a call from "K"

Ring Ring!
Jazz: Hello?
K: Jazz? Hi...can you over and taste my buns??
Jazz: (falls silent)....umm...what?
K: I want you to taste my buns?
Jazz: (giggling)...ok?
K: Oh my god...I just realized what I just asked! crazy...NOT THOSE KIND OF BUNS!!!
Jazz: (on the floor lauging)...

("K" baked some Chirstmas buns (bread rolls) and she wanted me to come over and taste them cause she was worried that it did not come out right)

Incident #2: (some months later)
I was at home yet again (in the US) when I get a call from "K"

Ring Ring!
Jazz: Hello?
K: Jazz...can you over and drill me??
Jazz: hahahahahahahaha!!
K: What's so funny? I need u to drill me!
Jazz: K...what exactly do u mean? Drill me?? hehehehehe...(giggling)
K: Oh shut up! (lauging) I am studying for my exams, and I need you to drill me on what I've learned!
Jazz: (rolling on the floor lauging)...
K: I hate you! You the only one that this happens to! (in a babyish tone...)

LOooOOOOOOL! You so carzy "K"...I miss you :)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The "M" Word...

The pressure is on...the day has come...where my parents have brought up the "M" word....MARRIAGE!

I had a heated conversation with the parents yesterday (who they brought up the issue...and not me), asking when will they dance in my wedding. Pressure...

They ask: "You're 27 now, when will you find the love of your life?"

They request: "We would like to have little grandchildren running around."

They claim: "What will other people think that our 27 year son is not married yet, or at least engaged"

Mom says (jokingly): "If you're not married by 30, I will become the matchmaker ('7a6aba), and take matters in my own hands...old school!"

So the pressure is on...JOY!

...and with that, I dedicate myself the song "Drop The Pressure" by Mylo. Check it out in my "NOW PLAYING" section on my blog :)