Monday, February 27, 2006

Rent...The Movie!

I was always eager to see the new movie RENT for a while now, and this loooong 4 day weekend...I finally did. I watached it with my side-kick Stallion. RENT is new movie based on the successful broadway musical. At first, I had mixed feelings about liking the movie since it was a musical...but I WAS WRONG! Its better as a musical. If you truly appreciate music, you will appreciate it that it's a musical. Now this is not your typical "happy-go-lucky" musicals; it is a "in your face" kinda movie...a truthful, powerful, honest, and very real, funny, inspiring, emotional, heart-breaking, heart-warming, ingenious, artistic musical journey of love, life, heartache, death, HIV, and very importantly...friends. RENT emphasized in the ups and downs of friends, the testing of friendship through time, and how it heals. The story and situations makes so much more sense and is more powerful when it's told through song. The acting is also amazing...I never thought that these actors can sing....I mean....Rosario Dawson (who plays Mimi in the movie) can really sing her heart out! I'm not gonna give away the story as I truly recommend you watch RENT. Watch it with a bunch of your friends...make it a night...and it will surely make you appreciate your friends. I give RENT five stars! Enjoy!

* To see the movie trailer, click here.
* And how appropriate for us...RENT also comes with a blog!
* Finally, check out on Now Playing in my blog to listen to a clip of the main title song, "Seasons of Love".

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A "Drool" of Art...literally!

DNA 11 is a organization founded by two scientists, in which you can create artwork that shows off your unique character...a color print of your DNA on canvas....and you can frame it too. All you have to do is simply submit a saliva sample in a supplied vial that they will give you for lab analysis, and the results are blown up and made into a wall display. Weird isn't it? But I dunno...I think its creative, wacky and and bizarre. See for yourself. It's also kinda in the pricy side. It can run for $390 - $940 depending on various colors and sizes. So, who's up for this?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Job vs. Career

Food For Thought....

Most of us have jobs. Some of you are still in college earning your degree to hopefully achieve a good job. Some of us left our jobs to pursue higher studies (Masters/Ph.D.) to attain a higher level of personal and career growth.

But what kind of situation are in now? Do you consider your current work a job or a career? I mean think about it. In this day in age, when the cost of living is increasing (especially in Kuwait), do we have the luxury to have our dream job or career? Or is it that we take any kind job, regardless of your area of study, just to make ends meet and pay the bills. Are you obliged to settle for a decent job (even though its not what you have in mind for a career), for the sake of living a some-what comfortable life, or just getting by, or able to save up to settle down and get married, etc....the reason's are endless.

How many of you have graduated from college with a solid intended major of choice, and is now working in job in a total irrelevant feild? Why is that? Not enough jobs in your feild? or not enough pay? And would you settle for less of a pay, just to be in a job of what you really wanted to do?

For example, I for one graduated with Advertising and Marketing from college in 2002. SO logically, being on my own, I thought the only place to work is an Advertising Agency. Was I right? NO! Low and behold, I got a job here in Kuwait in a local advertising agency. Good job...but bad career move in my part. Out of experience (and its not the same for all people), working in an Ad Agency was not for me. You become some-what a "slave" for the clients that want creative items. Driving all around Kuwait to client meetings, obeying their requests, and doing to the impossible just to please them 'cause money is at stake. I told myself...I dont like this kinda life for a career. College textbooks made it out to be a peachy and rosy career. But reality bit me in the ass and showed me otherwise. However, this is MY experience, but I know many people in the same field working in Ad Agencies, and loving every moment of it (for them, that job is a career, while for me it was just a job).

So what happened next? I left that company which later closed down due to bankruptcy. Jazz was in need of a job. Seach here, search there. Apply here and there. Then came a job opportunity that was irrelevant to my feild....Human Resources in a newly established institution. An offer was given. Should I take it? I didn't know anything about HR, but it was a chance of lifetime. SO I took it, and it was the best choice I ever did. Granted it was a job instead of a career, but I learned a lot of new things, I gained new insight of the real job world, which can be harsh sometimes, and I met AMAZING people in that place, who I now life! Kleio is one of them. So Kleio, how did I do? ;) The good thing about this place was the chance to grow within the institution. After a year in HR, I was then transferred to the PR and Marketing Department, and have been there to this date. Now I consider my current job a career since I've been here since 2003. I get to do all the advertising and marketing stuff I always wanted to do, but with a twist, plus job security :) I realized, I dont have to work in a Advertising Agency, just because its my major.

The moral of the story: When finding a job, don't restrcit yourself, be flexible, make some sacrifices...and you will eventually find your dream career. It worked for me, and it can work for you :)

So what's your story?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Thoughts and Sounds...seriously!

Picture It...

Kuwait, Work, 10:52 am...

(send to print)

sniff...sniff (i got the sniffles)...not sniffing anything illegal, except the Vicks Nasal new friend for today!



"Ya halla...good thanks. Excuse me? No sorry, Human Resources is on the other side of the floor"

I need rest, I need Vitamic C, need medication, need chai 7aleeb...
I need affection, I need hugs...
Lonely in Valentines day...2nd year in a row...what joy! (sarcastically)

Pop the headphones on, listening to "Lifetime" by Maxwell
"La La La La...."

Growl...growl...stomach is turning....need it early for lunch?

Ring...Ring...Phone rings again...shall I answer?

Happy Valentines to all :)

(*...and Jazz grabs the Vicks nasal inhaler again and getting high!*)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Exhibition Announcement :)

Come and check out a small and intimate exhibition all this week. The exhibition includes authentic custom-made jewelry made out of precious and semi-precious stones created by a female Kuwaiti artist, as well as various antinque Indian and Indonesian furniture accessories and handcrafts.

Saturday 11th February until Friday 17th February, 2006
5 - 10 pm

Jabriya, Block 5, Street 14, Building 31,
Apartment 3 (basement)
over-looking the complex swimming pool

For pictures of the event, you can check out Stallion's blog, since he went and had things to say about it.

Thank you :)

Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Tag germ!

That's I usually say it..."I is Tagged"...this time by my childhood friend...Rampurple:

Four jobs I’ve had:
1. Currently Media & Communications Coordinator at a local institution (hehehe...will not say where but been here since 2003)
2. Marketing Executive at local advertising company in Kuwait for 2 years (which I think closed down now)...a7san...good riddance!
3. Resident Assistant at Bay Vista Housing at Florida International University during my undergraduate studies (1 year)
4. Summer Internship at local advertising company in Kuwait (3 months)

Four movies I can watch over and over:
1. As Good As It Gets (one one the most heart warming movies I ever saw)
2. CHICAGO (very entertaining...and all that jazz! hehehehe)
3. The Color Purple (Depressing but really good)
4. The Sound of Music (may be cheezy, but it's a classic. Everytime my little neice puts the movie on, I always end up watching it with her...quality time with my neice)

Four places I have lived:
1. Kuwait (born & raised)
2. Miami, Florida-USA (5 years for college)
3. Dubai, UAE (during Gulf War)
4. Lebanon (when I was a kid, but don't remember how long)

Four TV shows I love:
2. 24
3. CSI
4. The Practice

Four places I’ve vacationed:
1. Recently...Mallorca-Spain (I loved every minute of it)
2. Cyprus
3. Lebanon
4. Rome, Italy

Four of my favorite dishes:
1. I will have to say Machboos Diyay (Kuwaiti Rice & Chicken)
2. Lasagne
3. Sushi (I dunno if that counts as a dish, but still...)

Four sites I visit daily:
1. (literally every day...for personal and business)
2. (obviously!)
3. (to check out recent posts)
4. (to check my finances and spending habbits...yikes!)

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Spain
2. Bali, Indonesia
3. Greece
4. Sitting in a balcony overlooking the mountains in Hamana-Lebanon on a cold breezy morning, eating a man'oushe and and driking tea, while listenting to Fairuz

Five people I am tagging:
1. Amunki
2. Kleio
4. Raine
3. Nunu
4. 7tenths
5. Dr. Lost
6. Miss Cosmo
7. Delicately Realistic

hehehehe...u think I over did it?