Friday, December 30, 2005


Seems like it was yesterday when we welcomed in 2005. Time is really passing, huh? But since 2006 is approaching, I just wanna wish you all....


Here's to another new year of news, chats, updates, posts, and comments in the blogoshpere...Kuwaiti Style! ...better yet...Jazzy Style :)

Take care, have fun, and behave in your New Year's party. See ya next year...literally!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

What's Your Talk Show?

I was having a conversation yesterday with some friends about random stuff. One question we asked each other...and I ask you is:

If you had a chance to have your own television talk show, what would it be AND what will you call it?

Discuss amongst yourselves and let me know...enlighten me :)

Lights...Camera...You're On!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Tagged...Yet again!

Unsual tag by Dr. Lost. It's called "Let's See Your Bedroom" tag in which I'm supposed to post pics of my room. But guess what...I posted something about my room a while back (June 19, 2005). So instead of reposting pics is the link:

My Room

Enjoy :)

Saturday, December 24, 2005


It's finally raining!!....I'm so happy....but too sick to enjoy it :(


I was fine yesterday, but this morning, I woke up and felt a cactus in my throat.

Bring on the Vitamin C!

That's me...enjoying the rain :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Random Thoughts....

1) Thank God it's Wednesday...TGIW!!!!

2)Note to all Bloggers....Do not go to the new NBK branch in salmiya (next to Cinema Salmiya). Customer service there sucks. I went to get a transaction done with the teller, so I took a number and it was 150. The tellers were still on 132! There was a looooooooooong line and a bunch of people seated waiting their turn, but no one in front of the tellers being helped. All I can see were three ladies with make-up to scare people away taking their sweet time...bardeeeeen!!! 45 min past and finally came my turn. I should have left a while back, but I needed to get it done. I went and asked why why why!!! The teller said we are in training and the manager wants us to things right! THEN DONT PUT TRAINEES DURING REGULAR WORKING HOURS THEN!!! Train them some other time when the bank is not crowded! Case closed!

3)I agree with SheWrites when she says that It's TIME FOR WINTER! Its's 21 of Dec already and its still hot! My winter clothes are begging to be worn. I wanna wear my trench coat! Tara 3aib! I want to be standing outside freezing my a$$ off on the new years eve countdown watching the fireworks. Nice!

4)Speaking of New Years...I have no plans yet. As long as I spend it with the people that mean most in my life, I'll be fine :)

5)hehehehe...i'm squeazing this blog post between my meetings at work...Sneaky Jazz.

6)How nice...Christams day and pay day on the same day...YAY!! Merry Christmas Jazz.

7)A graphic designer's motto: "You know you've achieved perfection in design, not when you have nothing more to add, but when you have nothing more to take away."

8)Shout Outs: Samboose...THANK YOU!! You Rock!, Delicately Realistic...Thank you as well :), 7tenths....Wussup? :) Rampurple...Congrats :), Dr. you know :)

9)Check out the new "Now Playing" song. It's by Hill St. Soul. I love her! Hailing from the UK (she's English y'all), she has a unique and earthy mix of Neo-Soul, Jazz, Blues and kinda lady :)

10)I'm so sick of these cheezy R&B songs nowadays about freakin' you, freakin' me, money, b*tches and hoes...BLAH BLAH BLAH!!

11) Have a great weekend all :)

Sunday, December 18, 2005

My "Tagged" Desktop...

I know I'm kinda late in the game for this...but as I say it...."I Is Tagged!". This is a different kind of tag. Instead of answering a bunch of random questions, I have to post a pic of my computer desktop...i'm guessing so people can get an inside look of what I do on my computer.....a sneak peek if you will.

So here is a pic of my desktop at work. I know its boring, but what to do? That's all I have for now (*...and Jazz Central cringes with embarresment*)

I've been tagged by Blasha and Evil Knievel :)

Who do I dare tag now? I T-A-G....
Delicately Realistic"
Area 77

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Meeting Bloggers...

I first started blogging in May 2005....not knowing how it was gonna turn out. At first I was skeptical, it was daunting, yet exciting. Then came the time, where I regreted starting blogging because it kinda took over my life and could not do anything but blogging. What did I get myself into??? But now, it all simmered down. Blogging became a comfortable part of my daily source of news, entertainment, research...yada yada yada.

The best part of blogging, is meeting some of the Kuwait Bloggers...some planned and intentional, and some total randomly! I met the most amazing, unique, special, and quirky people who happen to be bloggers. Granted I knew some before I started blogging, but it seems to get to know them in a different light through blogging. For example, some I've known for years (back to middle school and high school), some of them I met when I got back from college in 2002 and become very close with. I'm not mentioning any know who you all are :) I met most...if not all...the bloggers from my links. You guys Rock!!!

So who did you meet? or Who do you wanna meet?....and why?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Traffic Cameras...Security vs. Privacy


A middle aged Kuwait man went to the traffic department to renew his car registration. While processing his papers, the employee behind the counter explains, that he cannot renew his regsitration without paying his outstanding traffic fines. The man looked puzzled, and said:

Man: "Impossible!"

Employee: "No it's not, it all shows on the computer screen after I typed in your lisence plate number"

Man: "But I never speed. I never drove fast in my life!"

Employee: "Well, the traffic camera caught you speeding on 5th Ring Road"

Man: "When?"

The employee gave a specified date, which I can't remember exactly to post. So the man thought for a while then said:

Man: "That can't be true. I was out of town in a business trip. Show me the photo. I have the right to see it"

The employee later gave him a print-out of the taffic camera shot. The man took a look and agreed that it was indeed his car and realized that there was a person in the car. It was his wife. Case closed? No! There was another person driving the car...a man in a dishdasha, ghutra and 3gal. He soon remembered that his wife does not drive, and knows that she does not have any brothers and her father passed away. So who was he??

Sometime later....the divorce was final...and he kept the kids.

Now sing along..."'re on cheating spouse camera!"

What do u think of this?

Monday, December 05, 2005

Spellcheck people...spellcheck!!

I got a business card a while back from an unknown video director. Here it is:

Cinma? Promoshin? Viduo?
...and by the way...the business card was made out of actual thick plastic!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Why? Why? Why?

A funny incident:

I was at the supermarket the other day. There was this young girl. She was on her mobile, talking, and giggling away as she walked up and down the aisle that I was in. Then suddenly, RIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG!!!! her mobile rings while its on her ears supposedly talking to someone...


You just had to see her with embarresment! Why do they do that? Pretend to speak on the phone? If you are that anyone up and spark up a random conversation! What..everyone she knows were too busy to talk to her?