Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Virgin Megastore Problems !!!

Virgin in Kuwait sucks sometimes. They have a decent pop/rock section, but their R&B section needs help!!!! They don't have anything. They only bring a new cd or two every three months. They always have the cheezy R&B music...commercial stuff like Usher, Ciara, B2K...which I can't stand. I'm more into the REAL stuff. The real R&B music...artists like Joss Stone, Lizz Wright, Maxwell, Erykah Badu. They are known as Neo-Soul artists (which I will explain in a separate post). When I ask for a certain artist (like Amp Fiddler), they give me the "we know better" look and have the odasity to say..."We don't have it 'cause they don't exist." WHAT???? Why in the world would they say that!!! I know they exist...that's why I asked!!! And sometimes they would give me the routine answer... "It's sold out"....yeah right. They just say that to show off that they are selling CD's. I wish they can do something about their organization. I always seem to find artists who I know are Rock arists, but are placed in the R&B section, just because they are african american. What's up with that? Anyways, I can't boyott Virgin, because it's the only place in Kuwait to buy music. Here is my wish list...(seems online shopping sound good to me right now).

Amp Fiddler, Waltz of A Ghetto Fly

Gaelle, Transiet

Keane, Hopes & Fears

Rashaan Patterson, Love In Stereo

Miguel Migs, 24th St. Sounds

Hil St. Soul, Copasetic & Cool

Deepest Blue, Late September

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Beach Weather!

Oh My God...today is totally beach weather. I need to go to the beach. I need a tan. It such a tease to be at work, and have a view of the beach (I work in Salmiya), and not be able to go. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but I love the beach even more. I just hope that when this weekend hits, the weather will not change into dusty skies and dark clouds. It's been happening alot lately. The entire work week, the weather is amazing. But when the weekend comes around, it turns into gloomy weather, where you can't go to the beach. Anyways..I'm getting a tan this weekend :) Who wants to join? A show of hands!

Magazine Review

I read a lot of magazines. Advertising and Media is my thing, so I tend to read magazines more than novels (which I know is a bad thing). I wanna get into reading books more. Anyways....

One of the many magazines I truly enjoy is CARGO. I picked up an issue on a hunch about a year ago while I was in Sultan Center. And up to now, I always look forward every month when the new issue comes out. It's a great magazine about stuff for us men. Let's say it's the male version of Cosmopolitan, but more realistic than theories. It has everything from style, grooming, culture, cars, and gadgets/electronics than men actually like to own. Ladies....if you wanna get a gift for a guy, just get yourself this magazine and it will get a gazillion ideas :) And for the men...just pick up an issue from time to time...i'm sure you will enjoy it. Have any of you read it at all...or at least heard of it? Click on the magazine below...

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My Therapy

I was feeling down yesterday for no apparent reason (read yesterday's blog). All I wanted to do was to go home after work and sleep it off. Instead I went to the car dealership to finalize my car issue, only to come out even more angry!!! Thank god, my good friend "S" called saying that he wants to meet for sushi with a couple of other people and wanted to know if I wanted to come. OF COURSE!!! I will not say no to sushi. So we met up at my favorite sushi resturant in Kuwait....EDO!!!! It's heaven to me. My all time fav is Edo Crispy Roll. We ate and talked and laughed like crazy. I needed that since I was feeling down. Of course, two other bloggers joined us. We were convincing "S" to create his own. And I finally found out why one of the blogger named me "Sacrafice" as a link...thanks Rampurple :P I realized that everytime I eat sushi, I feel good. It has become my source of therapy. It's so ironic though. Just a year ago, I hated everythingly called sushi. I had a real bad experience with sushi when I was in college in Miami. Let's just say nothing stayed in my stomach...i know...ewww. But when I came back to Kuwait, my friend "S" took me to Edo and told me to try it. I was insisting not to go, but he guaranteed that I will like it. That's when he made me try the Edo Crispy. Now, I can't get enough. Any opportunity for me to eat sushi...I grab it!! It's like going to see a therapist...only that it's rolled in rice and tobiko and dipped in spicy mayo sauce...YUM!!! Anyone interested in joining me? Sushi Blogger's unite!!!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Wierd Feeling :(

I dunno what's worng with me today. I feel so weird and I hate it!! I seriously don't know why. I woke up today feeling ok, but when I got to work, this feeling of emptiness hit me. It's such a lonely feeling. Here I am sitting on my desk and watching people pass by with smiles on their faces. I found myself asking myself "why can't I feel like that?" WHATS WRONG WITH ME??? Maybe it's psychological. I have so much I'm going through right now (car issues, money issues, family) and I am so overwhelmed at work that I don't know where to start and not knowing when it will end. I can't even do work now. Come to think of it, I'm also hungry. Do I need a break? Do I need time for myself? Re-evaluate my priorities? I don't know...it's something. And for my friends....I'm sorry if I acted wierd or out of the normal. You are all my haven. I'm so happy for some certain people (you know who you are), but I know it does not show...and for that I apologize. It's so amazing how things turned out :) Anyways, gotta get back to work, and hopefully some food. Tomorrow is a new day.


We are being audited next week at work. So my department (PR & Marketing) had to organize our filing system. We soon realized that we had a lot of JUNK in our files...EXCESS BAGGAGE IF YOU MAY!!! SO we all decided to fold up our sleeves and clean up. Look at just the begining of the clean-up.

Saturday, May 21, 2005


This is a real classified ad that was featured in Arab Times (an english newspaper in Kuwait). I could not believe it!! It's too funny!! What do you all think?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Full Rights Granted to Kuwaiti Women

I usually enjoy a good conversation in regards to politics, but i don't wanna open doors to political discussions now, since it usually ends up heated. But all I wanna say is...............GONGRATULATIONS TO KUWAITI WOMEN :) History was made yesterday (16-May-2005) when women were finally given full political rights (to vote and run in elections). Finally a basic HUMAN RIGHT is granted that is long overdue and well-deserved. In my opinion, things will definitely change. I truly believed in the slogans that were beiong used... "Women Are Kuwaiti Too!" and "Half a Democracy Is Not A Democracy."

The crowd cheering after the announcement of the voting rusults.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Either you will be annoyed of the bird or you will laugh. I laughed!!! It's a bird in love!!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... Click on the pic below and see for yourself.

Monday, May 16, 2005


I HATE CAR LEASING COMPANIES IN THIS COUNTRY!!! They advertise how customer service is their aim and priority. MY A$$!!! So here is my story: I leased a car from one of leasing companies here in Kuwait last November 2004. I leased on a yearly contract. Of course the monthly installments include everything from free service and comprehensive insurance in case of an accicent. The condition is that I have to provide a police report of the accident for the insurance to repair the car. Sure enough, in March 2004, I had a car accident. The result of it was a broken bone in my left hand that is connected to my little finger. While I was in the hospital the day of the accident, all I can think about was getting that police report..amidst my agonizing pain in my HAND!!!! After I finished from my hospital, I went straight to the police station with my hand in a cast to get the police report. Finally I got that damn paper. The next day, I informed the leasing company of the car accident. Of course, with an attitude, they assisted me...it's like they expected the accident to happen. They sent the company tow truck to pick the car. The tow truck driver asked for the car registration (daftar il sayara) for insurance purposes. After finalizing everything with the leasing company, they told me to wait a couple 2 weeks for the repair to be done. They gave me a replacement car during the repair time (which is also another benefit). After one month, I have not heard from them. Not even a phone call. SO I went to find out what the hell happened. When I got there, I asked to see the car. I found the car in the repair station, placed in the corner covered in dust and untouched!!! They did not even start the repair after one month!!!! They told me that the insuarnce company will not pay for the repair since the cost is too high. I told him that its not my problem!!! I pay a monthly installment that includes insurance to repair the car in case of an accident!!! AND WHY THE HELL DIDN'T THEY CALL ME AND LET ME KNOW. Did I have to come myself and find out after a month? He said that there is nothing he can do...of course he said it with an attitude. He told me, in this case, your contract will be void and will be cancelled. This way I can get a new car on new contract. I did everything I was supposed to do. Got the police report, imformed the company of the accident, and cooperated with them to get teh car repaired. And this is what they do? They have serious internal issues to work on. 2 weeks later, the contacted us to come and sign a paper to cancel the first contract. So I went yesterday (15-May-2005) to supposedly sign a paper. We I got there, they told us that they cannot find the car registration so nothing has been done. I BLEW UP AGAIN!!! I told them that again it is not my problem. All these problems are internal and does not include me!!! Why did they call me to sign, and why didn't they inform me of the misplaced car registration. I could have easily told them that I gave it to the tow truck driver who asked for it!!! WHAT KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THIS!!! I even picked up a company brochure that was on his desk that read in arabic "Lease A Car with us, and Ease your Mind". I shoved it close to his face and said "DO YOU THINK I AM EASED"!!!!!!! He also had the nerve to say that I can still lease a new car with a new contract. Like hell I will get a new contract when the previous one is not cancelled yet!! I gave him till this Wednesday to prepare the paper for me to sign so I can live my life and get a car elsewhere. He did not even offer me a glass of water.

Anyways, I think I rammbled alot, but I just wanted to vent. Hope I did not bore you. SO tell me...how is your day? :)

Sunday, May 15, 2005


I was disappointed of this year's American Idol in the US. Although I have not seen it due to not having the channel that aired in Kuwait, I missed out on my best friend's chance of a lifetime to become a singer. Nadia Turner is a very good friend of mine from back in the US when I was college in Miami, Florida. We were in the same university and enrolled in the same major (Advertising). We were also co-workers at one time in the testing center. That's when we first met and she shared her passion of music and modeling. We became very close friends...Thanksgiving dinners, hanging out, etc....I also went with her to some of her auditions!!! She has an AMAZING VOICE!! Her voice reflects the rawness and power of Lauryn Hill with a blend of Lenny Kravitz. She has the earthy look which I love about her. Her name alone is Star quality...NADIA TURNER (yes it's her real name....not a stage name). She joined this year's American Idol and she was doing very well. Even Simon (the judge with the mean attitude) praised her by saying: "In a competition of hamburgers...You are the STEAK!!" But for some reason, she did not reach her audience towards the end. This is the second time that American Idol loses a worthy contender due to audience's lack of proper voting. Remember last year!!!!! So she lost and was sent packing. But I know that the exposure that Nadia got on American Idol, will get her places in the entertainment biz. Check out her photos on the American Idol link below. It just shows how amazing she is. LOVE YOU NADIA and I MISS YOU.


American Idol on FOX TV

Reality TV World


Although I knew this was gonna happen, but it actually hit me yesterday of the reality of it. My entire department will be out of town starting the end of this month...except for me! My boss and another co-worker will be on a business-trip in the US for a month-long seminar/training course. And the Admintrative Assistant is leaving to get married, who will also be gone for a month. That just leaves me alone in the Marketing Department to take charge. Although I have alot of work to do to keep me busy for the entire month, but it's gonna be lonely without the Marketing Team. Usually my boss keeps me laughing all day...I love her sense of humor. And the other co-worker who will be leaving with my boss...also keeps me giggling with her sarcasm, and her frequent outbursts of..."I'M GONNA MISS MY SALSA LESSON TODAY!!!!" LOL. Oh well, being alone in the department can maybe give me the opportunity to work independently. I'm looking forward to it since it will be the first time in my life I work and be resposible for an entire department by myself :)

Thursday, May 12, 2005


I did something drastic yesterday...well actaully its not that drastic...OH THE DRAMA!! Anyways, I decided to shave my head. Not completely at zero...but the trimmers was set to 3. I did it for a change. To be honest, there was no real reason why I did. Just some spontaneous thing to do at the moment. As many people know, I have a receding hairline and I'm only 26!!! The problem is that when the barber started shaving off the side of the head, it looked fine. Only when he started shaving off the top of my head, thats when I saw the glare of the lights bouncing off my head. I WAS SHOCKED TO SEE HOW BALD I WAS GETTING!!! (Sakat feeni il dinya....) I got depressed on how bald I was getting at such a young age...and YES 26 is still considered young. But when I went to work the next day, alot of people complimented how good it looks...some even hinted on how sexy it was. So its all good. I will survive. IT WILL GROW BACK. And no I don't have picture to share. Sorry. If you know me...you will get to see :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Singing Horses???

I know this may be cheezy, but I thought it was halarious. Click on the picture below of the singing horses and then click on each horse to create your own song. You can select any horse and different times. Check it out:

By the way, I'm posting this since I am stuck at work waiting for an event to occur at 7 pm. Basically...just killing time.

Funny Clip

Speaking of the AdEaters, here is one of the funny commercials that was shown during that night. Oh by the way, for those who don't know what the AdEaters is, it's a night where they showcase the best, funniet, unexpected, and inspirational TV ads from all around the world. I love these kind of things since my academic and professional background is ADVERTISING. Anyways, hope you like this clip:

Vodafone Vizzavi

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Let's Do It!!!

OK...after years of contemplating whether to start blogging or not...I decided to give it a try. I have many friends who are BLOGS!!! (LOL...sounds like an insult!). I know some are just casually updating their blog sites once in a while....and then there are some who glue themselves to the computer and spend hours creating what they call a masterpeice of a blog site. I have to admit, some blog sites are TRULY AMAZING!! Some have become my source of information and research for personal and professional use (hope you guys out there don't mind). There are some blog sites which are just plain entertainment where I find myself laughing out loud since they are funny. The weird thing is that I also find out who's doing what?

For example, there was an advertising event in Kuwait called the AdEaters. A bunch of us were going. I was trying to call another friend of mine who is into the advertising feild, but would never answer the calls. I kept on calling for three days, but no reply. Anyways, I went to the AdEaters and had a blast. Laughed till I dropped. The next day, I went online to check the AdEaters website. Google gave me alot of search results and one of them was a blog site. It was a person who also went to the AdEaters and wrote about the night. He also had a link to another Blogger, who shall rename nameless at the moment ;) I then remembered that my friend who I was trying to call was a blogger and that was her link. When I went to her link, her last entry was "I'm off to Lebanon...". THATS WHY SHE DID NOT ANSWER MY CALLS!!!! Although there are a gazzilion blogsites now, its amazing how you find out what your close friends are up to.

ANYWAYS....SO, here goes. My first attempt to become a blogger. I know this is the place where I can share thoughts, concerns, VENT OUT, and discuss world hunger (we'll see). SO just sit, relax...and all that JAZZ!!